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London Based Telesales Training With Simon Kenna

I’ve just watched this great video from Simon Kenna, who is a London based telesales trainer with over 30 years’ experience. It’s given me everything I needed to know about what Simon Kenna’s training could do for my company. From this video, I can see that my team could benefit so much from even having one session with him, because he produces instant and long term results. I didn’t even realise how much my team and business could gain by getting professional telesales training until I watched this video. I own a business based in London, and I love that Simon could come to my offices and give my team some great one to one sessions. A lot of telesales training can be incredibly impersonal, and I feel that Simon could really fire my employees up so they can make sales effectively. My company is in a very diverse industry, but it looks like Simon can work with any business, no matter how alternative they are.