10 super helpful questions to ask a pest company

Residential Pest Control London

I certainly didn’t until I saw this infographic! When I’ve shopped around for a pest control company in the past, I’ve only ever been concerned about how fast they could get rid of my problem. This has really made me see I should be looking into the company I hire a more thoroughly, and go through this checklist of 10 questions to check everything is above board with anyone I hire. Not only are you more likely to get a higher standard of service if you check everything over, but you’re not putting your family at risk by being more prudent with your research. I’ve had experiences with companies where they didn’t even offer the services I needed, and I wasted my money and time on not solving my pest problem. EPC even offer 24 hour pest control services across London, so I know I will be calling them out the next time I experience any pest problems. It won’t even matter what time it is! I’m also going to read through their blog to gather as many handy tips I can to deal with my pest problem. I will never hire a pest controller or any other company for that matter, without asking them these questions first ever again!top-10-things-to-ask-a-pest-control-company


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