Super helpful infographic on social anxiety
I’ve just seen this amazing and informative infographic from Dr Vanessa Ruspoli, and it’s made me see the signs of social anxiety, and how cognitive behavioural therapy can be used to treat it. When you’re aware of what social anxiety is, you’ll be able to spot the symptoms, and take steps to getting the help you need. I knew a few of the symptoms and signs, but there’s more on this infographic than I realised! For example, I never realised that having social anxiety could impact academic performance, and may even prevent people attending college and university. As well as telling me about the different signs of social anxiety, it offers some handy advice on how to get CBT to ease your social anxiety. This infographic helped me see some things in myself that may contribute to me becoming stressed in social situations. It also encouraged me to visit Dr Vanessa’s website, and she’s got some great advice on all areas of CBT and different types of anxiety. Visually, this infographic is brilliant too. It’s really easy to read and the colours are great. I’m going to send this to my friend who suffers terribly from social anxiety, so she can get as much help from this as I did. how-to-use-cbt-to-treat-social-anxiety


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